:30 second Flash animation rendered to HD video for cable/broadcast.
Original Character Development
Identity / branding for mobile application by MindBlazer, Inc.
Logo / identity for fledgling artists's management startup.
1:30 animation/YouTube video built in Flash and rendered to HD.

"Equally adept at graphic design and web development, Paul is a unique blend of talents, blessed with an extremely creative mind."

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Proposed Redesign.
Proposed site redesign circa 2011 - was to be a responsive parallax format.
Identity / UI Design
Identity / Branding + HTML UI for Charlotte Regional Realtor's Association back in the day.
Flash Game.
Early Flash game - play with one finger. Addictive, but requires Flash-capable device.
Character Development.
Original character developed for future projects - ideally, licensing/merchandising.
Exercise in Liberal Rage.
My friend 3lmo is a fellow raging liberal/heretic. We started making up stories about "Republican Man", a socially-conservative super-antihero who fucks shit up instead of helping.
:30 second Flash animation rendered to HD video for cable/broadcast. Ironically, spot never ran as "LegalHub" failed to run script by their own legal. Meh.
Logo / Identity.
Odell Stevenson, where you @? OD contracted me to cut him a graphic identity for a fledgling artist's management business. Fun project.
Animation/Web Video
1:30 Flash / YouTube animation promoting "LegalHub". Did you know? Things do not "go viral" without at least a modest SEO budget.
Identity / App Store Icon
Identity / Collateral job for a MindBlazer mobile application.
Logo / Identity
Identity / branding for a MindBlazer mobile application that handles podcasts.
Online Banking Simulation
Interactive Flash simulation of online banking app to convert customers.

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